1929 Mercedes Gazel for Sale

1929 Merceds Gazelle kit car. New convertible Top with side curtains, not installed. New car cover in the box. Four new Tires. New shocks (KYB). New Electric Fan. Full tune up including corroborator re-build. New Muffler. 13,165 Kilometers. New front seat upholstery in the box, not installed. Three speed Automatic Transmission. New Automatic Transmission Modulator. Some of the dash Gauges don’t work. My mechanic said it needs some electrical work. It has a Ford 2.3 4 cylinder engine with Automatic Transmission. New thermostat but has a blown head gasket. It has a new gas pedal with pedal extenders that are easy to remove. As I am only 5.5 and couldn’t reach them.

So if you are Mechanically inclined and like to tinker with cars then this would be a great project car for you to finish the restoration.

Yes it’s setting in my carriage shed since September as I live in Colorado and it’s cold out side. So if you’re interested let me know with any questions you may have.

So post a comment with your Email contact information so we can talk about it. If you want more pictures I can take them and text them to you.

I am asking $7,000 or the best offer.

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Parked outside.

Front Grill Pink Bunny not Included.

Right side view looking back with outside rear view mirror and side adjustable wing window.`

Right side wing window and rear view mirror.

Left side wing window and rear view mirror.

Merceds Hood Ornement.

Right side looking forward.

Left side looking forward with out side rear view mirror with lug rack on trunk lid.

Drivers seat new uppolstery in factory box. Needs to be put on.

Passenger seat new upplostery in factory box. Needs to be put on.

Rear seat. It’s in good shape.

Spare Tire. No it’s not rusty, just how the picture truned out.

Custom wood Mercedes Sterling Wheel with Mercedes Logo. Tazmanian Devil in the Windshield.

Speedometer in Kilometers per hour and Miles per Hour. With 13,165 Kilometers on it. Includes 5 other gauges in the dash. Tachometer, Oil pressure, Water tempter, Amp meter and Gas guage.

Full Inserent Gaues.

Left side looking back with outside rear view mirror.

Ford 2.3 4 cylinder Engine 95 to 105 HP. Needs a new head Gasket. Otherwise it runs great.

Four brand new tires, 150 miles or less on them, with custom wire wheels.

AM FM Cassette Radio with 2 speakers mounted in the rear side seats.

Windshield rear view mirror.

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