Compare to the nutrition of Similac Organic. We are committed to using only wholesome, certified USDA Organic milk-based ingredients in Mama Bear Organic Baby Formula Powder with Iron, starting with cows that are fed Certified Organic grain, hay and grass grown without prohibited synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Organic Baby Formula provides complete nutrition for babies ages 0-12 months and is a good source of DHA, Lutein and Vitamin E for baby’s brain and eye development, and overall growth. It is also non-GMO, ingredients not genetically engineered, and gluten free infant formula; certified kosher by the Orthodox Union – (U)D. Similac is a registered trademark of Abbott Laboratories. Mama Bear Organic Infant Formula is NOT made by or affiliated with Abbott Laboratories. Mama Bear Organic Infant Formula does not contain the identical proprietary ingredient blend of prebiotics, patented levels of nucleotides, lutein and lycopene in Similac Organic.

ORGANIC BABY FORMULA POWDER with Iron from Mama Bear; certified USDA Organic by Quality Assurance International; organic milk-based ingredients for complete infant nutrition for the first year; compare to the nutrition of Similac Organic
COMPLETE NUTRITION for baby’s first year; Mama Bear Organic Infant Formula with iron, non-GMO baby formula; gluten free; certified kosher by the Orthodox Union – (U)D; beneficial infant nutrition for babies from newborn to 12 months
BRAIN AND EYES: Mama Bear’s organic baby formula nourishes with Vitamin E, Lutein, DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid; supports baby brain and eye development and growth; more than 25 vitamins and minerals help fuel baby’s nutrition needs
NO COMPROMISE: Like all infant formulas sold in the U.S., Mama Bear Organic Milk-Based Baby Formula Powder with Iron meets FDA requirements, same as the national brand
COMPARE AND SAVE on store brand organic baby formula, newborn through 12 months; Mama Bear has your baby’s nutrition in mind with this organic powder baby formula



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