【2 Burner Electric Cooktop 】Weceleh 12 inch built in dual cook electric stove can satisfy the fun of households cooking. Product size: 11.3”W x 20.5”D x 2.1”H(288mm x 520mm x 52mm). Cut out size: 10.5”W x 19.7”D(268mm x 500mm). It is suitable for 220V-240V, featuring 2 different cooking zones with total power 1200-3000W. Use it in states by installing three-wire split-phase wiring.
【Digital Sensor Touch Controls & Wiring installation】The 12×21 electric stove is equipped with an advanced digital sensor touch controls, which can help to easy control the ceramic hobs heating accurately. Our electric stove burners has 9 power levels, which is very suitable for frying, grilling and other cooking methods that require temperature control. Due to the high voltage, no electrical plug is included. Please install by qualified personnel according to our wiring instructions.
【Timer and Safety】This electric stove burners comes with a digital countdown timer and a keep warm function. You can use it as a time reminder when cooking, and the cooktops will automatically shut down when the countdown is reached. In addition,there is a child lock and over-temperature protection function, which protect the safety of your family while cooking. Very suitable for families with children and elderly people.
【Do Not Pick Pot】Weceleh 2 burner induction cooktop built in 12 inch uses 2 dual zone, which do not pick pot. You can use any kind of pot or pan, such as copper pots, wok, stainless steel, cookware, glass pot, casserole and ceramic pot. The hob has safe and reliable performances, making your life comfortable and enabling to fully enjoy the pleasure from life.
【Longevity and Satisfaction Guarantee】We guarantee that our 12 inch 2 burner cooktop can over 50,000 hours of constant run time makes the maintenance cost sharply cut down. We can also promise that the parameters of Weceleh cooktops are true standard. You will get 3-year assurance and 60-day fully money back or replacement and Weceleh electric cooktop is your choice of value for money.
【After-sales Support】Please do not hesitate to reach out to us after your purchase, in case there are any more questions. We’ll do our best to put a smile on your face.



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