【Power 99% of Electrical Appliances】: With huge rated power of 2500W (Peak 4000W), ALLPOWERS R2500 is ready to power 99% of indoor and outdoor appliances- electric vehicles, TV, fridge, coffee maker, air conditioner, toaster, microwave oven, CPAP, drill, Juicer, hair dryer for long time. With 1500Wh battery pack, it features 4* AC outlets, 1* RV outlet, 2* PD 100W USB-C ports, 4* USB-A ports, 2* DC ports, 1* Car socket. 30A RV Outlet is very suitable for long-distance outdoor RV travel.
【Safe and Durable LiFePO4 Power Station】: ALLPOWERS R2500 features LiFePO4 batteries, maximum battery capacity is higher than 80% after 3500 cycles of charging and 50% after 6500 cycles. Eco mode can shut down R2500 at a fixed time, and BMS can optimize the internal current cycle, making R2500 regular use up to 10 years.
【Smart Control Function & UPS Function】: Easily realized by connecting to ALLPOWERS APP through WIFI/ Bluetooth Power Monitoring/Function Setting/Remote Control/System Upgrade. R2500 is equipped with less 15ms UPS to ensure the safe operation of CPAP, fish tank, refrigerator or computer when sudden power failure.
【Light Weight & Extremely Flexible】Single SF200 solar panel only 9.03 lbs, 0.11 inch thin, less than conventional solar panels, easy to carry. Thanks to the advanced polymer material, it can be bent into a U-shape, which can fit curved planes, such as the front of the RV and the roof.
【Durable Material for All Weather】ALLPOWERS flexible solar panel surface is made of IP68 waterproof ETFE material, which can resist extreme weather such as high temperature, freezing, sandstorms, and rainstorms. And the component contains a bypass diode ,uses input over current protection and reverse protection design.



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