Memory Sticks

What are Memory Sticks

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USB Flash Drives (also known as memory sticks or pen drive) A flash drive is a compact storage device that is used to transfer data between computers and other digital products. They have become very popular in the last five years as a convenient way to save files quickly and safely. With almost all computers having USB slots they are now being used extensively throughout the world. A branded memory stick can be carried on a key chain, around your wrist, or just an integral part of a businessman’s computer tools. Their capacity has now risen to an incredible 1TB.

The USB 3.1 standard has been around for a while. Even if you’ve never tried a USB 3.1 drive, it’s still a good thing. It introduces new standards like enhanced data transfer rates, USB host support (which enables external storage over USB), and enhanced power delivery. You’ll find a slew of drives built for portability: Some can connect devices over Wi-Fi to any of the USB 3.1 ports. Others use USB charging, while others are USB 2.0-only with the ability to transfer over a cable.

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