Home Security

Why do you need a Home Security System?

Darn I just set off the Home Security System

Here’s why you need a Home Security System.

Well In today’s age of rising crime of home intrusions and Business vandalism, it has become a top priority. With Home break-ins home intrusions and Business thefts. So, a Security has become a MUST to protect your Family, your House and your Business from intrusions and vandalism.

With the demand to Defund the Police and Attorney Generals not prosecuting criminals’ crime has gone through the roof.

How to Pick the Right Features

The Key features of picking a home or business security systems is the cameras the motion-activated recording devices, smartphone alerts, good-quality resolution, and night vision. These key features will help keep your property secure. Other features that can be helpful include two-way audio, built-in sirens and floodlight, and a wide field of view to capture more area with fewer cameras. Advanced software features to consider include cameras that can differentiate between people and animals, and those that monitor specific activity zones to help filter out false alerts. Also, think about whether you need a camera that will record continuously or just when something happens. Recording continuously will ensure that you don’t miss anything, but it requires a lot of Wi-Fi bandwidth and video storage.

While your looking at Security Systems you might want to add a Smart Lock

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