Computer Printers

Choosing a Computer Printer

For Home

With features for everyone in the family, an all-in-one wireless inkjet printer is a convenient way to access multiple devices in one space-saving unit. A 3-in-1 allows you to print school papers, copy recipes from cookbooks, and scan documents; while a 4-in-1 also lets you fax. Consider a time-saving super tank printer if you want to print more pages with fewer cartridge changes.

For a Small Business or Home Office

Enjoy fast and reliable printing for your home office or small business needs with a laser printer. Designed to handle high-volume jobs at a low cost per page, there are a variety of features available to suit your needs. Black-only printers can be a more affordable option if you only print text documents, duplex printers can automatically print on both sides of paper, while all-in-one printers can also copy, scan and fax. If an inkjet printer suits your needs, you can save time with a super tank printer that allows you to print more pages with fewer cartridge changes.

For the Photographer

Inkjet printers are perfect for photos since they can print clear, vibrant images on glossy paper. For convenient, on-the-go printing, consider a portable photo printer.

For the Student

For printing term papers or your thesis, an inkjet printer is equipped to crank out pages of crisp text and detailed images. An all-in-one option will also allow you to scan, copy, and/or fax, while mobile printing capability allows you to conveniently print from your smartphone or tablet.

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