Air Fryers

Is air-fried food healthy? 

Most brands of Air Fryers don’t require oil for the machine to work, though using cooking spray or tossing your food with a teaspoon or two of oil before putting the food in the basket will improve the texture and flavor of air-fried eats. While it’s possible to enjoy air-fried food with no oil, the beauty of this appliance is that it only needs such a small amount.

There are only 40 calories per teaspoon of oil (120 calories per tablespoon). The little bit of oil you do add helps brown and caramelize everything for extra crispy and delicious results. And compared to the amount of oil in deep-fried foods, the amount you’ll use in the air fryer is practically nothing, resulting in fewer calories and saturated fat than your typical fried food.

What can I cook with my Air Fryer? 

You can cook just about anything you would prepare in an oven or deep fryer in an air fryer (which is a lot!).

French fries, chicken wings, or air-fried chicken nuggets and tenders are a possibility, as are air-fried chicken breasts and thighs. These countertop appliances aren’t just one-trick ponies to replicate crispy traditionally-fried foods; you can also use them to roast or bake without turning on your oven. You can use one to easily cook fish fillets, like salmon, in mere minutes!

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