Best browser alternatives for the once-popular, now-retired Internet Explorer

If your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device is still running Internet Explorer, you should know that last month, February 2023, Microsoft officially decided to end what was once its most popular browser.

This means that the company will no longer provide technical support or security updates for the browser. Before you freak out, there are other internet browsing alternatives you can use, and it is likely you might like them even more.

Why is Microsoft removing its Internet Explorer browser?

Internet Explorer has been around for 27 years, and when it first came out, people were all about it. However, more advanced browsers have been introduced since then, and to put it simply, Internet Explorer just can’t keep up anymore.

With its performance and security issues becoming a more consistent nightmare for Microsoft, the company has decided to fully switch to its Microsoft Edge browser, which is available for Windows 10, Windows 11, macOS, iOS and Android. 

Microsoft Edge is designed to be faster, more secure and more compatible with modern web standards than Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer will no longer be available on any Microsoft device. As a result, Microsoft is sending a software update to users of Internet Explorer 11 that will permanently disable the browser on any Windows computer that still has it installed.

What browsers can I use instead? 

As mentioned before, Microsoft is fully pushing its users to use Microsoft Edge, which is a pretty reputable browser. Although, there are plenty of alternatives for you to use as well if you do not wish to use Microsoft Edge. Here’s a list of four alternatives.

Google Chrome

Chrome is one of the best browsers out there with an endless library of resources and knowledge. It is also convenient because you can log in to your Google account if you have one and have your Chrome be a little more personalized with autofill and sync features.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is another great web browser to use. It can block notification pop-ups, alert you when your email has been involved in a data breach, and is super customizable so you can make your browsing experience more personal to you.


Safari is a web browser developed by Apple for Apple devices. It is easy to use, works superfast and has some of the best privacy features of any web browser in the game. Plus, it has great syncing features to make your browsing experience easier for you. 


While Opera is not as well-known, it is widely adopted because of its superfast performance and ability to use add-ons from the Chrome library. It also has a built-in ad blocker and VPN, as well as in-browser messaging. 

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