Electric Generators

Why do we need Electric Generators

Generac Electric Generators

Electric generators can help keep things up and running during an outage. Here’s what to consider when buying one.

Power outages and blackouts are inconvenient and dangerous. Home generators can help. 

Due to an increase in strong storms and natural disasters along with an aging power grid, the threats of blackouts seems more urgent than ever.

Having some form of backup energy when the lights go out can be critical, especially for those in remote locations or with special medical needs. There’s a dizzying selection of home generators that can keep the electricity flowing with a price range that’s just as broad.

What is a electric generator?

A electric generator is an appliance that can supply electricity for your home, your business or when you’re on the go. Think of them as your own little power plant. Not all generators function completely independent of public infrastructure, though. Some will require a functioning natural gas hookup for fuel. 

You might think of a generator as a loud, stinky engine you can plug into. While these machines certainly still exist, there’s now much more variety available. There are even products marketed as generators that have no engine at all. 

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