Explore the world through a new lens with the Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Telephoto Zoom Lens. This lens is a masterpiece of design and functionality, ideal for both full-frame and APS-C Canon EF-mount DSLRs.


This fast autofocus lens compact and lightweight build ensures it is easy to carry and handle. This portability makes it a favored choice for photographers who require mobility, such as those traveling or working in dynamic outdoor environments.


The Super Spectra coating on this professional telephoto lens elements plays a crucial role in reducing ghosting and lens flare. This enhancement is particularly effective in bright lighting conditions, resulting in images with improved contrast and color fidelity.


● Versatile Telephoto Zoom Lens
● Full-Frame DSLR Compatibility
● APS-C Model Adaptability
● Super Spectra Lens Coating
● Quick Autofocus DC Motor
● Lightweight Compact Design
● Ideal for Portraiture, Sports


With its range of focal lengths, this bokeh effect lens excels in capturing both portraits and sports action. Its ability to isolate subjects and provide varying perspectives makes it a versatile tool for creating compelling images in various contexts.


The electromagnetic diaphragm works in perfect harmony with the rapid autofocus system. This synchronization is especially beneficial in scenarios demanding high-speed continuous shooting.


This outdoor photography lens Super Spectra coating significantly enhances its performance in outdoor and challenging lighting scenarios, ensuring photographers can achieve high-quality images regardless of external conditions.

Expanded Zoom Range For Versatility: The Canon EF 75-300mm lens offers an expansive telephoto zoom range, ideal for a wide array of photography genres. This versatility makes it an excellent choice for everything from intimate portraiture to thrilling sports action shots, catering to both professional and hobbyist photographers alike.
Optimized For APS-C Cameras: When paired with APS-C sensor cameras, this lens extends its reach, offering a 120-480mm equivalent focal length. This extended range is particularly beneficial for wildlife and sports photography, where capturing distant subjects with clarity and detail is essential.
Aesthetic Bokeh With Seven-Blade Diaphragm: The telephoto zoom lens seven-blade diaphragm contributes significantly to the quality of the out-of-focus areas, or bokeh. This feature is particularly advantageous in portrait photography, where a smooth, pleasing background helps the subject stand out.
Swift And Accurate Autofocus Mechanism: Incorporating a DC micro motor, this professional photography lens autofocus system operates with remarkable speed and precision. This feature is indispensable for capturing fast-moving subjects, ensuring sharp focus in dynamic settings such as sports events or wildlife in motion.
Enhanced Photography And Maintenance: This camera lens bundle includes a BluebirdSales 3PC Filter Kit, enhancing the lens’s adaptability to various lighting conditions and expanding creative possibilities for photographers. Additionally, the comprehensive lens cleaning kit is vital for maintaining the lens in top condition, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

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