🏆 Concealable Design – Mini digital converter box can be hidden behind your tv and powered by TV 5V USB interface or normal 5V USB adapter, especially benefit for wall-mounted tvs, plug and play.
📺 Full HD 1080P Output – The tv tuner box with hdmi output supports 1080P HD, now you can upgrade to HDTV via digital tv tuner and watch free HDTV channels on your TV, monitor or projector. Note: It depends on your tv supporting resolution.
🎧 DVR Recording and Playback – Record all your favorite TV shows and movies for future watch, you can schedule recordings with timer setting, but digital tv converter box not supports recording while watching.
💾 USB Media Player – Support up to 4TB USB 2.0/USB 3.0 hard drive or USB thumb drive, format to FAT32 before connecting, apply networks by inserting wifi dongle.
🔊 2-in-1 Remote – New way to control tv and atsc tv tuner, no need to require two remote controls. You need to pair remotes before using, there are 4 keys can be programmed (ON/OFF, AV/TV, VOL+, VOL), only support infrared remote.
🔎 Converter box for tv ONLY work for ATSC signal, please check with your local TV signal before purchase. Contact us without any hesitation while encounter problems or any confuse.



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