With up to 10 days of battery life, the Garmin Venu 3S is able to give you a more complete picture of your health. Don’t just know how much you slept. Know the quality of your sleep and how much sleep you still need while seeing what drains, and charges, your body’s energy. With over 30 sports apps, animated workouts and Garmin coach, train purposely and effectively. Take and place calls from your wrist. Built for how you move, Venu 3S can track pushes and offers built-in workouts designed for wheelchair users. It is available in a silver stainless steel bezel with Sage Gray case and silicone band. Know the Real You. Purpose-built with advanced health and fitness features and the ability to make calls and send texts, Venu 3S is more than just a smartwatch – it’s your personal on-wrist coach there to support your every goal. Body Battery Energy Monitoring. See your energy levels throughout the day so you’ll know when your body is charged up and ready for activity or drained and needing to recharge with restful sleep. And get even more details and personal insights on how sleep, naps, daily activities, and high stress specifically impact your energy. Sleep Coach. Get a sleep score and personalized coaching for how much sleep you need and how you can improve. Even keep track of different sleep stages and naps and see several key metrics over your sleep period, such as HRV status to better understand your health.

Designed with a bright, colorful display, get a more complete picture of your health, thanks to battery life of up to 10 days in smartwatch mode
Body Battery energy monitoring helps you understand when you’re charged up or need to rest with even more personalized insights based on sleep, naps, stress levels, workouts and more
Get a sleep score and personalized sleep coaching for how much sleep you need – and get tips on how to improve plus key metrics such as HRV status to better understand your health (data presented is intended to be a close estimation of metrics tracked)
Find new ways to keep your body moving with more than 30 built-in indoor and GPS sports apps, including walking, running, cycling, HIIT, swimming, golf and more
Enjoy the convenience of making and taking phone calls from your wrist – even use your smartphone’s voice assistant to respond to text messages and more (when paired with your compatible iPhone or Android smartphone); plus, you can respond to texts via voice, or Android users can text directly from the smartwatch



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