【Beautiful Wooden Pattern Surface】I think you must have been attracted by the beautiful, distinctive pattern of this 2 burner electric cooktop. Yes, this is Karinear upgraded version of electric stove, we added wood pattern to it on the glass to make the whole stove look better. Bring home this wooden pattern 12 inch electric cooktop and make your kitchen even more special, less monotonous. ( Burner won’t stay red all the time, it cycles to turn red.)
【110~120v Electric Cooktop with Plug 】The plug in electric cooktop is suitable for 110~120V that you can plug it into your home outlet and you’re ready to cook, no need to find an electrician to help with wiring. The power of the electric cooktop 2 burner is 1400W and 600W. Large burners have 1-9 adjustable heat levels, while small burner has two: “L” means low and “HI” means high. Small burner is generally suitable for heating coffee and milk, or keeping warm.
【Countertop Use or Drop-in Install】If I’m right, you’re worried about how to install this 12‘’ electric stove, right? Do not worry about this problem at all, because this is a portable electric stove, it has a bracket at the bottom, you can use it directly on the countertop. Of course, if you have the right size hole in your kitchen, you can install it drop-in. Built-in electric cooktop can save space and the overall look is more beautiful and generous.
【Multifunctional and Safer Cooktop】If you want a multifunctional electric stove top, our two burners electric cooktop is just right for your needs. It is equipped with a variety of features such as 99-minute timer, automatic shut-off, child safety lock, pause function, high-temperature warning, and overheat protection. You can use any material of cookware (iron, stainless steel, ceramic, glass, copper) on the electric stovetop 2 burners.
【Glass Cooktop, Easy to Clean】I guess you hate cleaning too. But don’t worry, the surface of this glass electric cooktop is made of smooth glass, easy to clean, just need a light wipe with a damp cloth. Karinear will give a cleaning scraper as a gift to help you clean. (Be sure to wait for the ‘H'(High Temperature Warning) to wear off before cleaning, otherwise it may burn your hands.)
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