Easy to Install: It takes less than 30 mins to install your smart thermostat, compatible with the majority of electric heating systems. 2.4G Wi-Fi Only, does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi.
For High Voltage Systems: Smart thermostat is designed for high voltage systems and has a maximum output load of 16A, 1920W at 120V, and 3840W at 240V. It works with high-voltage electric baseboard, convector, and fan-forced systems.
Smart Integrations: Compatible with Apple Home, Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings. The smart home thermostat supports voice control through Siri, Alexa, and Google, allowing you to change the current temperature with voice commands and freeing your hands.
Schedule: Smart thermostat allows you to automatically control the heating via the Meross app using a schedule. With a 7×24 hours smart graphic schedule, you can easily save on heating costs by programming your desired temperature settings.
High Accuracy: Programmable Wi-Fi thermostat offers ±1℉ temperature accuracy with an adjustable temperature of 41℉~95℉, ensuring precise temperature control and setting your desired comfort level. The thermostat is equipped with a pure white LCD display, perfectly integrated into the wall, creating a sleek and seamless look.
Energy monitor: The smart thermostat supports energy monitoring, enabling you to track power consumption and live a low-carbon life. Equipped with an internal electricity meter, the Meross app provides real-time reports on the power consumption of your devices, as well as historical data.
Open Window Detection: When you open a window for ventilation, it automatically stops heating for a while to help you save even more on your electricity bill.
Home Automation: Easily control and trigger lights, plugs, switches, and appliances using the Meross, Apple Home, Alexa, or Google Home apps when the temperature meets your specified conditions. This allows for seamless home automation and integration of your smart devices.
Summer Mode: If your system supports cooling during the summer season, the thermostat can effectively control and regulate the cooling functionality.
Power-off Memory: Any abrupt power failures or the need to cut off the power during a program cycle,the present settings will be saved and the preset operation will resume when the power is on again.



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