【Save up to 30% HVAC Energy 】The PILISPARK Programmable Wifi Thermostat intelligently manages your HVAC system. Automatically adjusts the temperature when you’re away from home, reducing unnecessary heating or cooling and saving up to 30% of energy.
【Compatibility】 This thermostat easily integrates with popular smart home platforms like Google, Alexa, and Tuya, allowing you to control and schedule temperature settings with voice commands or your smartphone. It also prevents overuse of energy and keeps your home safe and comfortable.
【Comfort & Peace of Mind】 The PILISPARK thermostat uses advanced temperature control algorithms to preheat or pre-cool your home before you arrive, so it’s the perfect temperature as soon as you walk in. It automatically adjusts to the temperature you want when you’re home or sleeping, keeping you comfortable day and night. Adjust the temperature to accommodate humidity so your home always feels like the temperature you set.
【Easy Installation】PILISPARK smart thermostats are compatible with most 24VAC HVAC systems up to 3H/2C heat pumps/PTACs, conventional air conditioners/gas/oil furnaces. Our digital thermostat reduces the installation failure rate by 50% and requires C-wiring.
【Efficient Climate Control】 Are you tired of constantly adjusting your thermostat to maintain a comfortable room temperature? Our smart thermostats can help you with that! The thermostat ensures that your home stays cozy and warm no matter what the weather outside is doing. Set a personalized schedule to ensure your home is always warm when you need it.



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