Control your Swidget Devices (Outlets and Switches) from anywhere with the Swidget Wi-Fi Control Insert. Connect this Insert to your existing Wi-Fi network and it will turn your home into a smart home. Once the Wi-Fi Control Insert is snapped into the center cavity of your Swidget Device, it will allow you to control your Device and accurately monitor power consumption in real-time. Download the free Swidget App on iOS or Android to set up rules, trigger actions and send notifications.Works with your existing Wi-Fi network, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT. The installation is easy, just choose your function and snap your Insert into your Swidget Device, then connect to the free Swidget App for iOS or Android to set timers, schedules, and notifications. — Truly modular system — Intuitive, simple set-up, and easy to use — Swidget Wi-Fi Control Insert features a button for on/off control when your Wi-Fi connection or app can’t be reached — Two-year limited warranty.

Wi-Fi Smart Device & Switch Accessory: Snap in this insert for effortless control of your Swidget wired device using your home’s 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network
Compatible with Smart Home Devices: Voice control your Swidget accessories with this insert that’s compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Powerful Wi-Fi Smart Plug Insert: Monitor energy consumption and costs and create powerful automations with the smart home insert
Energy & Home Power Monitor: Track your home’s energy consumption with the power consumption sensor that notifies you of your home’s energy use
Swidget Smart Home Devices: Our smart home wiring devices can be installed once and upgraded forever so you can automate and optimize your home for the future



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