【Thermocouple Protection and Electric Ignition】The thermocouple flame-out failure divice system will shutoff the gas automatically if a flame is not detected to ensure your safety in an emergency. NOTE: If NG gas stove 2 burners leak, check that you have replaced the nozzle and installed our pressure relief valve. The automatic electric pulse ignition uses a 110V AC power, and the cooktop is very easy to ignite and adjust the heat.
【High Efficiency Burner Gas Stove】The dual burner natural gas stove is designed with two general burners – 4.2kw on the left and 5.2kw on the right – respectively distributing uniform heat to meet diverse cooking needs ranging from stewing, braising, frying, roasting, steaming, boiling, melting to caramelizing. This family gas stove is capable of meeting the daily culinary needs of households. Please note: kindly check the stove size before purchasing.
【Electric Ignition】Automatic ignition is achieved through rotary control, allowing for flexible and precise gas regulation. Additionally, the gas burner is equipped with anti-backfire protection to ensure smooth usage. The fire size can be easily adjusted using the gas stove knob in accordance with your needs. Please note that this product can only be used with natural gas. It is important to verify the availability of natural gas in your home before making a purchase.
【Tempered Glass Surface, Easy to Clean, Preventing Rust】Stainless steel gas stoves are known for their tendency to get dirty easily. This is why we have incorporated a glass surface for our two-burner gas cooktop, which offers ease of cleaning. Its black glossy glass finish can be easily wiped with a damp cloth to maintain its beauty and hygiene. In addition to this, our glass gas stove also comes with a rust-proof function. With its 12-inch size and high hardness tempered glass surface, our gas stove is the perfect solution to your cleaning problems.
【Product Specifications】This built-in gas cooker is suited for natural gas installation and features a panel size of 730 * 410mm and an aperture of 620~680 * 330~380 mm. Equipped with a power output of 4.2kw on the left and 5.2kw on the right, our fashionable dual-burner gas stove boasts exceptional performance matched only by its appearance.



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