★Protect your work and life:Protect desktop computers,workstations,networking devices,and home entertainment devices(e.g.Modem&Router,Smartphone,PC Desktop Computer,Network-attached Storage).
★AVR and Sockets:Automatic Voltage Regulation protects connected devices by stabilizing incoming voltage levels.4 Outlets provide battery backup and surge protection(Battery is charged),2 outlets provide surge protection only(Mains electricity is connected).
★Multi-functional intelligent LCD:Displays real-time detailed information about battery and power condition,including input voltage,output voltage,battery capacity,load capacity,etc.And can automatically extinguish the screen(Boot 30 seconds,in the state of power automatically extinguish the screen;Touch the switch and the backlight will turn on automatically).
★Eliminate noise:When the UPS is in battery mode,the beeping sound will be emitted after 6-10 seconds,which means that the UPS is in on-load state.As long as you touch the on key lightly to turn off the sound,the display screen will display silent state.When the battery is about to run out,the UPS will continuously emit the beeping alarm until the power off.
★Free management software:The software can realize unattended system shutdown and power management.

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