Shelly 3EM is a Wi-Fi-Smart 3-phase professional energy meter with contactor control with three independent measurement channels up to 120 A each,Contactor control (or load up to 10 (A).Many appliances, homes, and buildings use more energy than they need, leading to energy waste and higher spending. With Shelly 3EM will help monitor electricity usage in real-time.
365 DAYS OF DATA STORAGE AND PREVENTIVE MONITORING – The measurements from Shelly EM are stored in a free cloud for 365 days.When an electrical appliance is damaged, it doesn’t simply stop working,usually, it increases the amount of energy used.Shelly 3EM power monitoring will immediately read the increase in energy consumption and will notify you, saving you additional expenses on repairs or replacement of equipment.
SOLAR PANELS MONITORING AND SMART AND EFFICIENT CAR CHARGER – Keep track of how much energy your solar panels and wind turbines are generating and save effortlessly.Shelly 3EM is developed to monitor one, two, or three phases and allows you to monitor the status and history and the current and past electrical power consumption of your car.
SHELLY CUSTOMER SERVICE – Shelly is one of the fastest-growing Smart Home brands in the world with devices, providing solutions for the automation of private homes, buildings and businesses. We provide our customers with professional support and a 2 years device warranty.
SHELLY SMART CONTROL APP will help you control your Shelly devices remotely and will send notifications for all automated events in your home. You can easily configure devices and manage their settings individually, or you can create personalized scenes by combining Shelly devices to trigger certain actions in your home automation.



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